Consulting Services

Consulting Services

Functional design delivery, assurance & remediation​

As a dedicated Openlink consultancy, we are specialists and can provide a depth and breadth of expertise that is unavailable elsewhere​

Our teams provide

  • Deep market and Openlink functional expertise
  • Advice on the best practice functional footprint (what should be managed in Openlink and what should not)
  • A design that delivers an optimal Openlink configuration
  • Integration Recommendations, for the best way to integrate Openlink into the existing application landscape

Typical client requirements

  • New implementation design
    Configuration design service for greenfield implementations or functionality extensions
  • Point expert design
    Deep market and functional expertise for a client’s most bespoke solution requirements
  • Design remediation
    Assisting clients to turnaround projects that have become challenged
  • Pre-upgrade design assessments
    Recommendations on new functionality, existing customisations that can be retired or solutions that would benefit from redesign
  • Pre-go live design assurance
    Validation of an existing design prior to transition to service

Client Benefits

  • A design that delivers optimal configuration and is focused on the future operation of the solution, thus reducing cost of ownership
  • Product and market expertise based configuration design that results in a clean implementation, optimised for the wider application landscape
  • A design that considers the on-going support of the implementation and the level of client expertise required
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