Our History

Our History

Founded in 2013 by its three founding Directors, KWA Analytics is a unique consultancy in its focus and experience in advising, implementing, and enhancing trading and risk management applications.
We bring together, under one roof, the industry’s leading experts with the complete TRM and related skill sets. Our people have unrivalled experience of implementations, upgrades, and solution architecture across a wide range of organisations.

KWA Analytics has an established set of credentials as a trusted advisory and implementation consulting services provider.

  • In 2015 KWA Analytics opened their India office to further complement service and product offerings.
  • In 2017 KWA Analytics opened their Americas office to enhance the capability to deliver projects on a global scale.
  • In 2019 KWA Analytics opened their APAC office in Singapore to provide our services to clients in this important region.
  • In 2019 KWA Analytics opened their Canada office to serve our key clients in the region.
  • In 2021 KWA Analytics opened their Mexico office to service our nearshore clients.
  • In 2022 KWA Analytics opened their Bangalore office to further enhance our global client services capability

At KWA we believe in delivering the highest quality solutions to our clients, regardless of short-term profits or vested interests. Our commitment to client fulfilment is core to our company values. In order to achieve this we have, under one roof, the complete skill sets and industry leading experts, together with a set of design and solution principles that we bring to all engagements however big or small.

KWA Design Principles

KWA Solution Principles

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