Orchestrade Services

Orchestrade Services

Orchestrade offers a cross-asset trading and risk management system used by investment banks, hedge funds, asset managers, private banks, energy and utility companies. With a highly performant architecture and pre-configured market functionality, it meets the needs of firms, from start-up operations to the largest global enterprises.

KWA Analytics are a certified partner of Orchestrade to deliver services to its energy and commodities trading community.  

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We offer our award-winning implementation expertise to help clients configure their Orchestrade instance for front, middle and back-office users.

Technical Development

We have experience building and delivering: Custom Pricers, Custom Curve Builders, Custom Period Generators, Custom Tasks for reporting and workflow checks and validation, additional blotter metrics, near real time asynchronous reporting and interface plugins for trade feeds, market data feeds and Excel add-ins developed using C#/.NET and Python.

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