Time Charter Modelling

Time Charter Modelling

Client Brief

Cheniere required a capability to represent the financial and logistical details held in Charterparty agreements for its vessel chartering operations.

KWA Delivery

KWA designed and delivered a solution in conjunction with Cheniere IT that supported fully capturing the optionality relating to the hire term directly within Endur:

  • Options to extend hire period (“term” options) captured as additional deal legs
  • Recording the exercise status of term options and resulting extension of charter hire rate structure and risk exposure to underlying freight curve
  • Options to extend/reduce length of hire related to firm and term option hire periods (“charterer’s” option) captured on each leg
  • Recording intent to redeliver and the use status of the charterer’s option to extend/reduce

In parallel KWA worked closely with Cheniere’s technical team and end users to deliver a bespoke web app solution to retrieve and present this extended Endur deal model and capture additional details held in charterparty contracts:

  • GUI to capture additional data related to charterparty not recorded in Endur
    • Pre-delivery data
    • Positioning Fee calculation parameters
    • Ballast Bonus calculation parameters
    • Re-delivery data
  • Suite of web-based APIs to retrieve this data and make it easier to consume by downstream reporting processes in a variety of formats including JSON
    • Web app stored charterparty information
    • Charter dates structure from Endur as a data array
    • Charter rates structure from Endur as a data array
    • Data from applications that store vessel details.

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