Training Services

Training Services

Flexible & tailored Training Services​

Tailored training on the client configuration provides participants with an unparalleled level of understanding​

Our training team aims

  • Developing training that is bespoke and tailored for the individual clients business activities and user group
  • Delivering training on the client site on the client configuration, to give users an unparalleled level of insight
  • Providing course leaders who are subject matter experts with real knowledge gained from implementing and supporting Openlink
  • Offering a range of training courses from Openlink foundation, through to functionally and technically complex topics such as Value at Risk or OpenJVS

Typical client requirements

  • Pre go-live end users
    who need to get up to speed on the application functionality prior to transition to operational service
  • New staff
    with limited Openlink experience, to ramp up on joining an organisation
  • Existing users
    requiring deeper expertise of existing functionality or new functionality
  • Support staff
    needing to better understand how to identify the root cause of issues and how to resolve
  • Technical staff
    requiring hands on experience of working with Openlink environments
  • Developers
    in need of specific technical training on Openlink development practices including 
OpenComponents, Open JVS

Client Benefits

  • The user base becomes more functionally and technically proficient in the application – less focus on the application, more focus on running the business
  • Clients become less dependent on external consultants in the long term – self sufficiency
  • Better able to utilise the full potential of the product - the investment in the Openlink solution can be maximised
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