Technical Services

Technical Services

We provide deep Openlink development, API & object expertise

We follow standard Java and C# practices specialising in Openlink APIs

Development teams provide

  • A deep understanding of the markets our clients operate in, and the wider implications of different technical configuration approaches
  • Deep development expertise in Java, C#, OpenComponents, Open JVS and Connex
  • Openlink API expertise - Market relevant experience of the correct API’s to call and the risks of using the wrong ones
  • Openlink object expertise - In depth knowledge on not only the API’s but more importantly the objects that lie behind them and the wider limitations of these

Typical client requirements

  • Tactical small scale scripting to enhance functionality
  • Large scale, strategic implementations such as building custom interfaces to SAP
  • Rewriting and optimisation of existing code and technical configuration to improve performance, stability or maintainability
  • Technical audits, to identify the root cause of system pain points the client is experiencing and potential solutions

Client Benefits

  • Developers with expert knowledge of development standards, Openlink and the markets.
  • Deep understanding of the link between configuration, technical code, Openlink API’s and Openlink objects (how Openlink implemented is important)
  • A focus, on automation, analysis and monitoring to deliver a clean and maintainable development solution
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