Audit Services

Audit Services

Functional and technical audits for our clients​

Our audits help clients understand whether their implementation is optimised, clean and maintainable for long term operation​

Our audit teams typically assess

  • Module set up and configuration, e.g. Market Manager, Credit Manager, Trading Explorer
  • Services Manager/Trade Process Management - are the domain services and workflows configured correctly
  • End of Day (EOD) – do the EOD and pre-EOD process steps make sense and are they technically correct
  • Reporting including APM, Riskpak - how is the reporting suite designed and is the performance optimal
  • Deal modelling - are deals modelled correctly and using the correct inputs, for standard and complex deals
  • Interfacing – are the data interfaces to and from the Openlink application technically optimal
  • Environment and code base management – if required, we can review the overall setup and management

Typical client requirements

  • Pre-go-live validation
    the client is nearing project completion and is looking for independent impartial validation that the design and configuration is fit for purpose
  • Operational issue remediation an existing implementation is experiencing on-going performance or stability issues and the root cause is not initially clear
  • Pre-upgrade validation
    the client is planning to upgrade and wants to ensure the current implementation is clean

Client Benefits

  • Insight into whether the design will be operationally efficient – does the design support the business
  • Recommendations on performance and stability improvements and on-going ease of support and maintainability
  • Assurance that the system and interface design is in line with industry leading practices and matches the client business operations
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