Test Automation Services

Test Automation Services

Industry leading test automation services

At KWA we believe automated, business driven testing is the only way forward

Our test automation service provides

  • Automated Test Tools KWA have developed an automated testing framework that is specifically designed to work with Endur/Findur. This leverages our extensive experience of the application and industry standard comparison tools.
  • Business Driven Testing (BDT) Many automated testing frameworks test individual parts of a business process. KWA are strong advocates of testing a business process end to end. This permits efficient testing, rather than trying to test each individual step to the nth degree.
  • Openlink SMEs KWA staff are all very experienced Openlink SMEs and can help clients define focused test suites, which can then be encapsulated in the test automation tool.

Typical client requirements

  • Version upgrades to v16.0 or later.
  • Business Driven Testing for existing functionalities and new enhancements.
  • Isolated regression testing, such as simulation result comparison.
  • Interface testing by posing various deal scenarios and checking against baselines.
  • Migration from a legacy system to Endur/Findur.

Client Benefits

  • Low Level of Investment - KWA’s Test Automation Framework is designed to work with Endur/Findur, an initial automated test suite can be enabled within a few days of implementing the framework
  • Enhanced Business Value - KWA’s test automation service reduces the time to test new releases, thereby enhancing the value that can be derived from Endur/Findur
  • Improved Productivity - KWA's test automation improves the productivity and repeatability of testing, whether a minor release of locally developed code or a full system upgrade.
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