Trailstone Integration Case Study

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System Upgrade for a Treasury Client

The treasury of a global insurance company required a ‘like-for-like’ upgrade to Findur V17, with AVS to JVS conversion and a hardware refresh, implemented as a joint team from KWA and the client.

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Functional Optimisation in Findur

The client was looking for assistance in the following areas, Trader Desktop optimisation in V14.1, Active Position Manager, TPM Consultancy, Cash Position Desktops, Dividend Desktops and Report Builder.

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LNG Storage in Spain and Regasification

Cheniere had undertaken an aggressive business plan to be able to discharge LNG cargoes into storage facilities in Spain, reload, trade in-tank, regasify into the associated pipeline and balance its natural gas position.

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LNG Optimisation Custom Front-End

As part of building out a sophisticated, proprietary optimsation model for its LNG portfolio, Cheniere required a front-end that would allow their trading and optimisation team to be able to interact with the model

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