Endur Broker Fees and PnL Settings

Endur Broker Fees and PnL Settings

By Israr Ahmed



When a trade is booked in Endur the Broker Fee gets attached to the transaction. But it’s not considered to be at a final status, it’s actually considered to be a “provisional” number. You can see this in the AB_TRAN_PROVISIONAL table.

At the end of the month when you receive the Broker statement that contains volume discounts / tiered pricing this is then processed as a CASH deal through the Broker Fee module. This generates a Cash Deal. There is a methodology whereby that cash deals value is apportioned back to underlying deals. But the crucial thing is not to double count the PnL ( ie the Broker fee that’s showing on the deal and also the Cash deal ).

Because of this there is a setting in the PnL Details Attributes called “Include Broker Fee in Results” which has the following 4 options leading to the PnL behaviour outlined in the table:


Ensure that the most appropriate setting is selected. The items highlighted in RED are potentially settings that should be avoided to prevent confusion.



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