Reply To: OpenCmpnts – Overwrite a User Defined Simulation (Tran) Result – post EOD calc

Peter Fox

The following JVS implementation allows a correct overwrite.

int pfolioId = Ref.getValue(SHM_USR_TABLES_ENUM.PORTFOLIO_TABLE, pfolioName);
int runDateJd = getJulianDate(aug10);
String simName = “Sim Defition Name”;

Table simResults = SimResult.tableLoadSrun(pfolioId, simRunType, runDateJd, 0);
if (Table.isTableValid(simResults) == 1){
Table tranResults = SimResult.getTranResults(simResults);
int rowNum = tranResults.findInt(“deal_num”, dealNumber, SEARCH_ENUM.FIRST_IN_GROUP);
tranResults.setDouble(“20010”, rowNum, 12.3);
Sim.insertSimResults(simResults, pfolioId, simRunType, runDateJd, simName);

Is the corresponding possible in OC – with/without a “toOpenJvs” ?

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