Reply To: Whats the relationship between “Impact of Amendment” and “Impact Volume Change”?


( A ) Impact of Amendments shows the affect of each TRAN NUM increase.

o If you change Volume as part of Amendment it will show up in Impact Of Amendment and NOT in Impact of Volume Change { otherwise you could double count – this is set in parameter – “Impact Volume Change Attributes : Value Amended Deals = No” ) .

In fact it may be impossible to separate out the two.

o I think if you Amend a deal 5 days in same day it will show all 5 trans in that days Impact Of Amendment .

( B ) Impact of Volume is calculated independently .

o It does not look at incremental tran number changes. It basically looks at YESTERDAYS Volume ( based on Cash Month Info sim result )

· So if someone makes an AMENDMENT that also changes the Volume à This shows up as Impact Of Amendment

· But then the Volume Interface is used to change Volume back to what it was before à This will now show up in Impact of Volume as Volume hasn’t changed since yesterday

So basically … if you AMEND a deal and change its VOLUME on same day you separately change its VOLUME using the Incremental Save ( ie the Volume Interface) then we will get badly explained PnL Explain.

There isn’t any way around this I think

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