Support Services

Support Services

Client Brief

The client initially required post-implementation support for the out of hours activities running in the system.

This engagement subsequently evolved and the KWA team are now involved in many different facets of support with the client.

KWA Delivery

  • KWA started with providing the monitoring service for the overnight services/workflows including End of Day. In addition to monitoring, the team in parallel worked on issue backlogs.
  • KWA was subsequently given additional responsibility to work on a set of enhancements in the system. The team handles L1 to L3 Business as Usual support. They interact independently with the End-Users and deliver enhancements to the system.
  • The KWA Support team also, in close cooperation with the clients support team, worked closely with the Vendor to help core code investigations and to test fixes. The team performed the role of the communication bridge between Client and Vendor.
  • The KWA Support team has implemented multiple patch deployments, an upgrade to 64-bit, and migration to the cloud. The team designed and ran the regression testing suite for validating the upgrades.
  • The KWA Support team is fully integrated as part of the client’s DevOps team, participating in daily SCRUM, backlog grooming and month end reporting.
  • KWA have also provided staff augmentation to the Client team to support additional support requirements.
  • The KWA support team were also subsequently asked to validate deliverables from other Vendors before deployment into the production environment. i.e. performing the role of quality gate before artefacts are deployed. 

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