Functional Optimisation in Findur

Functional Optimisation in Findur

Client Brief

The client, the treasury of a global insurance company, was looking for assistance in the following areas, Trader Desktop optimisation in V14.1, Active Position Manager, TPM Consultancy, Cash Position Desktops, Dividend Desktops and Report Builder.

KWA Solution

KWA SME resources helped the treasury staff achieve the benefits of upgrading to Openlink Findur V14.1 by providing advice, training and practical help. Specific areas include:

  • Optimisation of Trader Desktop layouts, resulting in better performance of Findur and more intuitive desktops.
  • Provision of Cash Management and Dividend Management desktops for front office traders. 
  • Implementation of Report builder templates for different requirements (e.g. integration of custom simulation results, FX reports).
  • Rebooting the APM installation so that it performs consistently and faster, whilst also providing more relevant information for Middle Office and Front. 
  • Office users (e.g. integrating custom simulation results and provision of extra reports). 

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