LNG Optimisation Custom Front-End

LNG Optimisation Custom Front-End

Client Brief

As part of building out a sophisticated, proprietary optimsation model for its LNG portfolio, Cheniere required a front-end that would allow their trading and optimisation team to be able to interact with the model in order to: perform portfolio scenario analysis of its complex LNG and shipping positions with the ultimate aim of enhancing the understanding of the potential value in the portfolio and increasing the speed and profitability of trader’s decision making.

KWA Solution

KWA designed a bespoke user interface and developed a scalable desktop application using the .NET framework and next generation UI controls. The application was fully integrated with Cheniere’s custom algorithmic optimization engine.

The desktop application presents a holistic view of the LNG portfolio, enabled by the ability to automatically extract data from Cheniere’s custom data repository and external third party feeds. The application allows full scenario management capabilities of the variable elements of the portfolio,  comprehensive comparison features for different scenarios, including detailed drilldown statistics, P&L and cost impacts and graphical visualisations of voyages and fleet usage.

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