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Stephen Gillanders

Hi Phil,

The Nostro Account Transfer screen is being used less frequently these days – I’ve not used it since V10.2 with Rexam.

There is comparable functionality in the Cash Toolset which allows you to create Cash deals by identifying the From/To accounts that is now used widely. (I think this is what you are mentioning about toolset input?)

If you open a Cash Transaction input screen the Toolset Standard deal skin has a “Sub-Type” field. If you switch it from Cash Tran to Cash Transfer it will open an OLF OWNED deal skin associated with the subtype called Cash_NostroTransfer (Screenshot)

This input method essentially “inverts” the deal input cycle to focus on the underlying accounts in a similar way to the Nostro Transfer/Balances screen. It has wider functionality however, that relates to booking multiple deals simultaneously (by specifying linked passthrough or memo accounts) hence it’s more widespread use in Treasury/Cash management situations.

You have the ability to specify the cashflow type here but as you highlight it is not defaulted to “Nostro Transfer” (As everywhere else it defaults to “Upfront”). If it really needs to be defaulted to “Nostro Transfer” could you not create a template with the Cashflow Type set to Nostro Transfer, lock the desktop config to these templates and hide the cashflow type field in the deal skin?

Changing the currency does not clear the Cashflow type so a single template should be able to achieve this.

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