Reply To: Time shift or time zone

Steve Parsons

The Time shift and time zone filters are “special” in that they don’t filter ! They actually change the start and end time of the time buckets on a page i.e. if you have daily buckets then the start time of the bucket is 5AM if +5 hrs is applied.

The APM Gas package includes the start time and end time (unlike RTPE, which effectively ignores the times). This has proved problematic as the recent change to the UK Gas start time (from 5AM to 6AM) can cause issues with older deals.

For the scenario you describe I have in the past used the time shift filter. Sometimes it is possible to create the page you want by filtering at the column level using different time shifts. However, its not ideal.

The approach I’ve iterated to is to change the UDSR/APM integration to effectively normalise or ignore the times. Then its much easier to get a good layout in APM that covers both UK and European hub positions.

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