Reply To: What is ADS?

Steve Parsons

Active Data Services (“ADS”) is an in-memory data grid. A data grid is designed to hold large number of data points (e.g. for APM, rows of simulation results) and allow scale out of the data grid as the volume of data increases. The key differentiator for ADS over other data grids (and coherence itself) is that it also allows multiple clients to share the results of position aggregations without multiple recalculations. This helps the APM architecture as without ADS APM is constrained by both the physical memory available on client sessions (data is cached locally) and available CPU for aggregations. Memory is less of an issue nowadays with 64 bit O/S’s, but CPU is a bigger issue as the more data that is aggregated the slower the initial page online time will be. So ADS supercharges APM in both the volume of data it can cope with, and the speed of the aggregations. The other benefit to APM is that it opens up the APM architecture with .NET and JAVA API’s allowing the users to create custom GUI’s or to send ADS data to downstream systems.

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