Reply To: Can Risk Manager be run on GRID ?

Israr Ahmed

Thanks for all the replies above.

Reg GRID : That’s really helpful. Looking at the standard generic batch script has some code around this – so I’ll try and figure out how to set and execute this in GRID ( will update this Forum )

row = exposure_args.unsortedFindString(“arg_name”, “Batch Distributor”, SEARCH_CASE_ENUM.CASE_SENSITIVE);
if(row != Util.NOT_FOUND)
String batch_distributor = exposure_args.getString(“arg_value”, row);
if(batch_distributor != null && batch_distributor.equals(“Job Cluster”))

Reg Scenario’s : Good idea’s . I haven’t much experience in customising Risk Manager to set/control Limits at a granularity that’s not available on the Risk Manager Criteria GUI – so I can see how using User Tables / Tran Info Fields ( less clear ) could be made to work. Will come back to this forum if we figure out what to do.

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