Reply To: Can EPM’s be used to override the deals PnL Detail ?

Client J

From above trial it would seem that whilst EPM may indeed calculate a Realised Value , this cannot be passed to the deals Endur MtM ( which never has a realised column) unless we use the Results Calculator. ( Though it seems above thread is also saying that it’s possible to let the EPM to pass the Realised PnL to Pricing Details table . )

I think below are the two Options mentioned:

Option 1
Results Calculator (PnL Detail) –> invokes the EPM to get Realised and Unrealised

Option 2
EPM writes Realised and Unrealised into transaction Pricing Details table –> Results Calculator ( PnL Detail ) picks these values up and writes them into the PnL Detail Realised / Unrealised columns ( I guess the question here is that if the Results Calculator wasn’t implemented what would Endur do with the Realised and Unrealised values that have been written by the EPM in the transaction Pricing Detail table )

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