Reply To: Endur V14 vs V12 ?


Some points ( by no means exhaustive list ) :

• All Transaction Event Numbers have been automatically converted from 32-bit to 64-bit integers throughout the application. OpenLink recommends that all existing customisations are modified to utilise the appropriate 64-bit API functions. There is a separate document available from OpenLink CRM portal that gives details of the all the changes and recommendations. This could be a challenge for upgrade projects, although am not sure what happens if existing customisations are left as-is.

• 2 new Integrated Pricing Models for Natural Gas Storage and Swing optimisation (intrinsic and extrinsic valuation) and from what we can see they do look to bridge the gap between no previous capabilities and external models or ‘off-the-shelf’ systems such as Lacima.

• Risk Data Service (RDS) utilises the existing ADS to provide a means for 3rd party access to simulation result data rather than having to access blobs which looks interesting for reporting.

• Market Element Access Control (MEAC) extends Endur’s security permission framework so that finer granularity of access to specific indexes and market data can be implemented, e.g. where subscribers to certain market data within an organisation can retain control/access when that data is stored in Endur.

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