Reply To: What do all the Gas Stor Instruments represent ?


This is the main instrument for the storage contract. It has legs for each injection and withdrawal location to record physical injections and withdrawals; legs for positive and negative adjustments which are changes in inventory not related to physical injections and withdrawals, and; the Balance leg which is the calculated inventory (net of all injections, withdrawals, and adjustments)

This is the traded injection and withdrawal capacity (i.e. 500 MWh/day for 2014). Typically provided as part of the initial contract but can also be traded in its own right

This is the right to have X amount of gas in storage at any one time.

The GAS-STOR-CAP instruments are normally booked together as all three are provided as Bundles by the SSO. But they can also be traded individually

This is the title transfer of gas that is held in storage. It is based on GAS-PHYS and is simply the transfer of gas held in storage from/to a 3rd party. The total volumes of these will typically be recorded on the positive and negative adjustment legs of GAS-STOR so that the storage inventory is adjusted without incurring any commodity charges that may be applicable

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