Reply To: What are all the different trade entry dates in the ab_tran showing ?


Trade_Date – User definable field (when entering trades) that holds the date trade is booked for.

Input_Date – The endur system date at time when trade was booked/amended.

Last_Update -Server date and time on which trade was last changed.

Trade_Time – trade date entered by the user and the server time.

If you wanted to know the time and date a trade was entered into the system, you would need to look at the input_date for the date and take the time from the trade_time. I.e input_date = 10/03/2007, trade_date = 03/03/2007 and trade_time = 03/03/2007 12:23:23PM, In this instance the date and time the trade was entered would be 10/03/2007 12:23:23PM.

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