Reply To: Report Builder : SQL join Limitations

Israr Ahmed

A common useful VIEW that will allow efficient joins ( given limitation that cam only join a single table to another single table ) ( note that view table needs to have name prefixed with “USER_” in capitals ) :

CREATE VIEW dbo.USER_view_abtran_param as (
a.deal_tracking_num as deal_num , tran_num, a.ins_num , pa.param_seq_num , a.tran_status , a.tran_type, a.version_number, a.current_flag
ab_tran a , parameter pa
a.ins_num = pa.ins_num)

grant select on dbo.USER_view_abtran_param to olf_user
grant select on dbo.USER_view_abtran_param to olf_readonly

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