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We have it working for US Power and Gas but as eConfirm support European Power and Gas the principles should be the same. There are a few different components to consider

1. eConfirm set up. A ICE eConfirm administrator will need to set up a user and password in the system for the gateway to use as a connection. This user will need permissions across the Markets in quesiton. Also your trading company id needs to be known, Admin -> Company for reference on the Gateway.

2. The Settlement Desktop. This should come from the OL documentation but your internal party details may need to be referenced in the query if you run more than one.

3. The Gateway set up. Older versions run ICCMGateway, more recently ICETVGateway is Trade Vault reporting is required. See OL documentation for general installation but key details are this should have Active Push Listener Types set to pushICECM and have Push Listeners Enable set to True. This means the Gateway will listen for confirmations from the settlement desktop.

Next the connection to use stunnel.exe for a secure https connection, download and install it on the application server running the gateway and reference the econfirm environment in the stunnel.conf propery file like so,

accept = localhost:9090
connect =
protocol = connect
protocolHost =
TIMEOUTclose = 0

Then set the IceCmUrl property on the gateway to http://localhost:9090. You can use any port here, 9090 is an example.
Set the ICE eConfirm username and password on the Gateway properties IceCmUserName and IceCmPassword respectively.
Finally set the IceCmBatchId to the trading company is set in eConfirm.
All other Gateway properties can be set to their default values.

Starting the Gateway now should connect to the ICE eConfirm environment you have referenced in the stunnel.conf file; is the most up to date from production.
The next test is to push a confirmation from the settlement desktop and see it get captured by Connex (The Gateways engines) and sent on to eConfirm (Logs -> Submission Logs).
To see a confirmation rejection or match status come back into Endur you will need to ask another counterparty, or, to Click and Confirm.
Additionally, when this is working workflows can be set up to automatically call the settlement desktop definition to automate confirmation sending.

‘eConfirmSupport’ <> are pretty responsive for eConfirm based issues.

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