Trailstone Integration Case Study

Trailstone Integration Case Study

Trailstone eConfirm and eBO integration Case Study

Client Brief

Trailstone was looking to migrate from its existing interface architecture for connecting to ICE E-Confirm and Equias eBO.

KWA Solution

The solution leveraged the KWA Interface framework to integrate Trailstone’s ETRM system (Openlink Endur) with ICE E-Confirm and Equias eBO.  The KWA Interface:

  • Connects to external systems via a REST API
  • Manages the communication between external system and KWA Interface
  • Maps messages using Jolt to the specific format the external system requires
  • Implemented as Windows Service
  • Supports 2 way communication between source system and target system
  • Allows for monitoring of the interfaces developed using the framework by exposing Mbeans in JConsole
  • Utilizes Apache Kafka for publishing and subscribing
    • Can use existing Kafka/ZooKeeper implementation or can be installed separately
    • Supports Custom consumers and producers (C# and Java)

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