Trailstone Integration Case Study

Trailstone Integration Case Study

Client Brief

Trailstone was looking to migrate from its existing interface architecture for connecting to ICE E-Confirm and Equias eBO.

KWA Solution

The solution leveraged the KWA Interface framework to integrate Trailstone’s ETRM system (Openlink Endur) with ICE E-Confirm and Equias eBO.  The KWA Interface:

  • Connects to external systems via a REST API
  • Manages the communication between external system and KWA Interface
  • Maps messages using Jolt to the specific format the external system requires
  • Implemented as Windows Service
  • Supports 2 way communication between source system and target system
  • Allows for monitoring of the interfaces developed using the framework by exposing Mbeans in JConsole
  • Utilizes Apache Kafka for publishing and subscribing
    • Can use existing Kafka/ZooKeeper implementation or can be installed separately
    • Supports Custom consumers and producers (C# and Java)

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