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Meet Raj | Shipping and Commodities SME

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“KWA is a great organization to be a part of where its supportive leaders value the expertise of its employees and provides a challenging, exciting, collaborative environment in which to work.”

-Rajram Ramakrishnan

My career started as a consultant in the Energy Trading Risk Management space providing technology solutions and business consultancy for global energy and commodities trading projects. Over a six year period I had the benefit of being involved in multiple development initiatives, client implementations, and pre-sales efforts for various Oil majors in the industry.

While mastering my trade as an ETRM consultant, a chance opportunity came along and I landed a role as a Vessel Operator at one of the largest privately-owned energy and commodity trading companies in the world. This role took me into the depths of the shipping industry, managing ships and overseeing their load & discharge operations of oil cargoes. It was also the first time I came into contact with Veson’s IMOS software as a super-user, using the system every day for 4 years. As a user, my overall impression of IMOS was of a flexible and robust system.

While I enjoyed my years as a Vessel Operator, I harboured an ambition to make a move back into technology consultancy. KWA Analytics provided an opportunity which perfectly fit my aspirations to get back into the technology domain and further my career. From the outset I was placed as a consultant in the Veson team implementing IMOS at an oil major.

I’ve now been at KWA analytics for six months and I currently provide solutioning and business consultancy on Veson IMOS projects.  I love the client-facing aspect and the experiences to exclusive insights into how different clients run their shipping businesses. I also feel that the years of shipping experience and software consultancy have positioned me perfectly for this role.

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